Roanoke Valley Academy of Medicine


We extend a warm invitation... to YOU to join the Roanoke Academy of Medicine Alliance (RAMA). As a physician or physician spouse you are eligible to join our two hundred plus member volunteer organization. For more than forty years we have been dedicated to supporting medical families, building healthy communities, and promoting medical health initiatives. RAMA's volunteer opportunities include:
  • Working as a tutor, mentor, or other role model in our partnership school.
  • Providing support and financial assistance for Turning Point, a shelter for victims of domestic violence.
  • Awarding scholarships to needy students in the health professions.
  • Participating in RAMA'S annual fund-raiser, The Book & Author Dinner, that provides funding for RAMA'S community service projects and other health related charities.
  • Teaching anti-violence classes in our partnership school.
  • Welcoming physicians' families to the Roanoke Valley.
Why Should I Join RAMA?
RAMA provides the opportunity to:
  • Build new relationships with people in the medical community and discover a network of support for you and your family.
  • Have fun with our annual fund-raiser, The Book & Author Dinner, that supports RAMA's generous giving tradition.
  • Put your dues to work for you locally, regionally, & nationally in partnership with the Medical Society of Virginia Alliance (MSVA) and the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA). If you can't be an "active" member, be an informed member by supporting RAMA with your dues.
  • Learn more about legislation as it pertains to health care issues.
The diversity of our membership is a vital part of the strength of our organization. Any physician or spouse of a physician who is eligible for membership in RVAM is encouraged to join RAMA. Members receive an annual membership directory and nine newsletters along with publications from the MSVA and AMAA. No other community organization offers RAMA's uniques support of the "Medical Marriage Partnership". RAMA welcomes you and hopes you will consider joining us.

Please contact one of us:
Co-Presidents Cindy Simonds
 Vicki Torre 
Membership Chair Dawn Long

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